About Damrak

Let’s start with some history. In a nutshell, of course.

Picture the Golden Age (hint – 17th century)… The Damrak harbour (Amsterdam’s “inner harbour”) is the mooring place for merchant ships of the Dutch East India company arriving from and departing to exotic ports across the globe. Here herbs, fruits and spices are unloaded before being weighed and tested for quality.

Several of those spices historically traded in Damrak harbour are used in our recipe today. Oh, did we mention that our little distillery in the heart of Amsterdam is steps away from the historical Damrak? With our roots going deep in Dutch history, we are proud to be the Amsterdammer among the London boys. Because that’s where it all started.

So, who are we?

Damrak is an authentic Amsterdam gin brand. With fresh citrus notes, we are everything but a standard London dry gin. We are a real Amsterdammer: proud yet accessible, clever yet genuine, edgy yet deep-down smooth and charming. DAM tasty in a gin & tonic, served with a slice of orange or two. We are ‘the best DAM gin’ and we are here to spread Amsterdam pride all over the world.

The best DAM ingredients.

There are 17 different ingredients that give Damrak Gin its DAM good taste. Some of them we disclose, but some are the Master Distiller’s secret.

The main distillate comes from the best quality Curaçao orange peels. The distillate of these peels highlights the citrusy character of Damrak Gin. Valencia oranges give Damrak Gin its sweet and distinctive aroma, while lemons provide the freshness.

In every gin, there are juniper berries. Even though we deliberately added little less juniper berries, it is still clearly noticeable in taste and aroma.

Adding some herbs and spices like cinnamon, lavender, coriander seeds and star anise results in the DAM unique flavor of Damrak Gin.